A fortnight or so ago we ranted about Rancid’s excellent, nostalgia blast ‘Telegraph Avenue’ which found Tim Armstrong recalling his childhood while delivering one of the best tunes Rancid has released since ‘Brad Logan’.

This new tune, ‘Where I’m Going’ is more ska-tinged, driven by organ, upstrokes and energy in the verses before a football chant of a chorus kicks in, which will have you belting out, “You see, you don’t understand where I am, or where I’ve been, or where I’m going” like you’re an oppressed punk kid in the ’90s all over again. It’s good stuff.

Both tunes, plus earlier single ‘Ghost Of A Chance’ (also excellent, embedded below) are from Rancid’s ninth studio album Trouble Maker, which is due June 9 and shaping up to be a beast. Enjoy!