As you would undoubtedly be aware, the world became a much less brighter place when David Bowie shuffled off this mortal coil just over a year ago. Thankfully, in the same vein as artists like Prince, Bowie’s death means we’re now able to get our hands on music that would have most likely remained unreleased in his lifetime, and this Record Store Day is our first chance to see some of these releases.

As Consequence Of Sound reports, two David Bowie rarities are going to be seeing the light of day for this year’s Record Store Day, the 10th anniversary of the music lover’s annual vinyl-fest.

The first of these releases, Cracked Actor (Live In Los Angeles 1974), is a live recording of one of Bowie’s eight shows at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, recorded during his Diamond Dogs tour, and featuring soul legend Luther Vandross on vocals. The full concert is set to be released on a five-sided  three LP set, with one of the record’s sides featuring an etching of Bowie’s logo during the Diamond Dogs era.

The second release sees the first official repressing of an immensely rare Bowie promo record, named for its initial catalogue reference, Bowpromo. The record was originally a split LP between Bowie and fellow labelmate Dana Gillespie, and was manufactured by Bowie’s manager Tony Defries in a limited run of 500 as a way to secure Bowie a new record deal. The record featured alternate versions of songs that would later be re-recorded and released on Bowie’s seminal Hunky Dory album. The repressing no longer features Gillespie’s tracks, but it will include new sleeve notes and some exclusive prints, something any Bowie collector will salivate over.

For more info on the releases, be sure to check out the David Bowie website, and make sure you start saving your coins to secure your copy of these records on the day.