Look we wish she’d go away too and the sooner she’s consigned to the dustbin of history the better, but for better or worse, Rebecca Black is back. Yes, she has recovered from the public humiliation of 70 million + people watching her abortion of a song ‘Friday’ on the internet and she’s now back with a new ditty entitled ‘My moment’ Alas, the new song is merely shit, as opposed to her cringeworthy debut. She still can’t sing, she has no idea what the concept of vocal phrasing is and the song worryingly is supposed to be a riposte to the ‘haterz’ out there.

It still has some of the moments that made ‘Friday’ such a hit, including the liberal use of autotune on her vocals and lyrics that would make Justin Bieber blush with embarrassment, not to mention that having a 13 year old smile coyly and pout in to the camera seems just a wee bit creepy for our liking. The good news is that with this song just merely sounding like your average piece of overproduced and under-composed pop fluff, her 15 minutes may now well be up.