Red Hot Chili Peppers have got fans worked up into a lather as they get set to release their new album I’m With You next Monday. However, to tide them over until that date, the band are streaming their new album in full, allowing fans to hear all it in full via the preview page on iTunes.

Select the option to ‘View on iTunes’ and punters can listen to the album in full on the pre-order page.  The band’s 10th studio album clocks in at 14 tracks, and the iTunes pre-order page also gives fans a postage stamp sized preview of the album artwork, which depicts a fly apparently trying to open a capsule pill.

The album is the band’s first with former Warpaint guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who replaced long term guitarist John Frusciante, who quit the band yet again in 2009.

Bass player Flea told Spin magazine that Klinghoffer’s presence had driven their new guitar heavy sound, saying “Because of that, the feeling of the music is a lot different. John is a brilliant virtuoso guitar player, who could do whatever he wants on the guitar. It’s unbelievable and I’m so fucking grateful for his contributions to the band. But Josh is a subtler textural player who also plays and writes on a lot of different instruments. He’s not like this Guitar Hero type.”