The unbearable, wet and chilling weather of Il Nino was becalmed the night of rockers Red Ink’s single launch down @ The Corner Hotel. The night was a climactic event for the band, showcasing various exhilarating sounds and vivacious power from local acts.

The early bird gets the worm; as the saying goes. The early cluster of an audience was in for a delight as first off the rank to the stage was the radiating vixen Jo Dawson. Illuminated by the dazzling lights, Dawson lured bodies toward the stage, with her electric guitar in the grips of her fingers, belting out lyrics revealing to the audience ‘This girl can rock’. Numerous ‘Woo-hoos’ were belched out here and there from male punters as her roaring vocals vibrated through the venue and got the audience moving. Performing songs ‘Bad Behaviour’ and ‘Stand Together’ delivered strong messages, catchy hook lines and rhythmic groove. The downfall to the set list was the song’s cyclic structures and puny lyrics, but even so the audience seemed enchanted by the performance.

A swift transition on stage brought to the light the faces of the boys from the band Royston Vasie sporting be-whiskered faces. The band immediately set about rocking in to it and no others can describe what happened next but except for ultimate perfection the band’s sound manifested in a wild tantrum of raw electrifying sound and an epic stir of strobe lights. Playing songs ‘Pop Boutique’ and ‘Wreck Your Health,’ undeniably the band holds an unbelievable repertoire of strong beats and surprising melodies. They gave the impression that they felt at home on stage and produced a sound the audience could effortlessly adapt to and enjoy.

Main support San Fan Disco had the crowd heaving down the front. Hanging disco balls above the heads of the audience turned in tune, they worked like lucky charms designed for the band. Front man and pianist Nick Acquroff exposed an inner presence of confidence which was projected as the band played with conviction and passion their popular songs ‘First Laugh’ and ‘Cass’.  The unbalanced dynamics amongst the instruments created a conflicting sound, which sometimes irritated the ears, but ignoring that factor the band’s short set engaged the audience and concluded with an uplifting feeling.

People scurried speedily towards the now drawn red curtains barricading the stage. Waiting eagerly, the crowd peered at the curtains anticipating the moment they were to be tugged open. The growling P.A. rumbled and the rouge material was raised as Red Ink took the stage.  Opening with their hit songs ‘Catching The Killer’ and ‘Battle Scars, front man John Jakubenko took on the persona of the living spirit of ‘Red Ink,’ drenching his naked upper torso in intense red body paint. This truly helped to evoke the living entity and a hot magnetic energy. Jakubenko’s pulsating dance moves are similar to Mick Jagger’s sstage swagger and Elvis Presley’s sex on a stick legs, which captivated the ladies’ attention. In the midst of the set Jabukenko acted in the heat of the moment and destroyed the prop on stage bearing the band’s name, tearing it to pieces which unsurprisingly gained more approval from fans. As the set unravelled, songs ‘What My Friends Say’ and ‘Werewolf’ saw the audience’s hearts pumping vigorously and bodies bounced in motion in a mini mosh-pit that moved to every drum kick and riff. The band hyperactively produced a great live sound and a raw, gripping performance that proves Red Ink have the world at their feet. Fans applauded and screamed in awe as the band concluded the night  – departing pleased, sweaty and tired. The progression of Red Ink within Australia music circles establishes what a great rock act they are, rising to a world that is their oyster.

–       Rachel McLaren