Surely Australia has run out of festivals that can fall over or as we’re calling it now ‘postpone’ until a future date. We thought so, but turns out there were a few stragglers left as we’ve just caught wind that 3630 Festival in Shepparton has cancelled the event due to financial pressures and what sounds like the headline band pulling out.

A statement posted on the festivals official Facebook page gave fans the bad news saying:

It is with great sadness that the 3630 committee must announce the next 3630 Festival is to be postponed until 2013 due to unforeseen circumstances.¬†After 10 months of hard work including the highly successful launch party and high school battle of the bands tour; at this current time 3630 cannot match with the success of last year’s events.

This is due to a number of factors including a small budget, change in stakeholders and over commitment from the headline act which has lead to them having to pull out at the last minute.

The 3630 committee also want to thank the 22 local bands booked to play for the understanding and awesome talent, the only reason 3630 continue to try is to give bands like these exposure and opportunities.

Local acts playing at 3630 – Mother Dearest, Many More, Jay Sea, Running way with Reptar, Jubal, GodWolf, Elmoth and the Turbo Rads, The Mill, Bury the Truth, The Manners, Written in Ruins, Bone Dry, Charlotte Gemmill, Jalen Smith, The Incredible Machine, Bridie Moylan, Jorja Bromley, My Best Friend Boom!, Chaos Mission, Onett, Sweet as Taylor and Hannah Magee

This is where we’d usually bang on about how many festivals have fallen over the last year or so but the list is getting so long that to be honest we’re kind of growing tired to writing it again and again. Suffice to say if you’re really interested do a search using the box up top and you’re sure to bring up about a million results.

In the meantime however we will direct you to another one of our lovely slideshows, this time we catalogue the biggest fuck ups in Australian festival history.