We’d like to know a little bit about you for our files, however we don’t like regurgitating press releases or asking the easy questions. No-one gets out of the Tone Deaf Interrogation lightly, so just hold still, grit your teeth, clench your buttocks and be still while we put on the rubber gloves, apply the thumbscrews, and pull out our thermometer while you open up and say ahhhhhhhhhhh… Truthful answers only or we drink your rider while you’re on stage. Ben from Regurgitator answers our questions.

Everyone joins or forms a band to get laid. If your band represents your sex life are you Casanova or spending plenty of time doing the five knuckle shuffle?

Well I may have once started playing in bands to pick up but that was back in high school… and to be honest it didn’t help at all. The guys who got the girls were the ones interested in getting fit and playing rugby league… jocks get all the girls. In saying all that i now have a steady girlfriend…

We don’t want to know about the painfully hip bands your press release says you’re influenced by. Take us back to your bedroom when you were 14. What band posters did you have on the wall?

Hmmm… well I grew up in the suburbs of outer Brisbane so there was a lot of top of the pops 80s stuff going on though to be on the ‘cutting edge’ you would listen to Iron Maiden, Sex Pistols, or even Devo… though the sound that me and my brothers loved the most was Midnight Oil. I can recall lots of Peter Garrett impersonations going on…

What’s been your worst gig and why are you glad there’s no footage of it on Youtube … yet?

Ummm… our worst gig was at a Livid Festival in the 90s in front of 30,000 kids and at the time we were using these old akai samplers triggering some of our songs and they stalled , crashed and failed us miserably and I recall standing around for most of the time while Quan tried to get them working again. It was such an embarrassment.

Tomorrow’s payday, so we’ve only got $20 to get you drunk. Where do we go and what do we buy with it?

Man for some reason all your questions are reminding me of my teenage years in the suburbs! I’ll need to see a councillor after this for sure. Well I would probably go Stones Green Ginger wine, or a bottle or 2 of Penfolds Rawsons Retreat… better still maybe we could just buy 6 block of 85% dark chocolate and bounce off the walls together….

We’ve been looking in the $2 bin at Dixons Recycled and also bidding on eBay – what releases are we looking for there that your band has put out?

Pretty much anything we have released… I’ve seen our best in those bins from time to time. What can I say… pure disposable pop.

Suppose we put a gun to your head and force you to kiss a member of another Australian band. Who, which band and why?

Ohhh thats a bit drastic dont you think? You wouldn’t have to put a gun to my head to get me to do that surely. I love lots of other aussie bands…OUCH MY FACE. I’d kiss all of em even the big hairy bass player guy. Great band…