You might remember back in 2012 when Jay Z and Kanye were not only good mates, but also making an album together – and getting up to some ridiculous shit. Not only did they famously destroy a ridiculously-expensive Maybach luzury car just to make the video-clip for lead single ‘Otis’, but they also performed the incendiary ‘Niggas In Paris’ an insane 12 times in a row at a single show.

That display of world-conquering arrogance, of course, got them the world record for how many times you can repeat the same song live and get away with it, and it’s a record that’s stood for a solid five years. But now, we can stop watching the throne – their reign is over.

As triple j reports, upstart Travis Scott took to the stage in Oklahoma City to perform his track ‘Goosebumps’ (an especially popular one thanks in part to a Kendrick Lamar feature) a whopping 14 times.

The footage below, titled ‘Goosebumps World Record’, can be seen below, although it doesn’t show the whole effort, which – assuming he played the song in full each time – would have stretched on for just under an hour.

Were the fans still with him at the end of all that? And will Yeezy or Jay ever feel as high on themselves as they did back then, and shoot for 15? We’re betting against it.