Perhaps indulging in a wee bit too much of ye olde Colombian marching powder or merely high on the fact that Take That have sold out eight dates at Wembley Stadium, which is a pretty impressive effort for any band; however Robbie Williams has lashed out at old foe Noel Gallagher and Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger.

Taking to the stage at Wembley on Friday night, Williams declared “The Rolling Stones have done two nights here. Oasis did three – Take That are here for eight on the trot. Mick Jagger can lick Gary Barlow’s face. Noel Gallagher can lick my arse.”

Now, while Mick Jagger didn’t dignify the answer with a response, Noel Gallagher seized on the opportunity to reignite his long running feud with Williams. Noel retorted by saying “Lick his big fat Bobby-Butlins arse? Wow! The hormone replacements must be doing the trick, eh? I’d rather suck on his man boobs.”

Noel’s dig was based on comments made in a recent interviews by Williams admitting that he’s injecting testosterone to treat a diagnosed hormone imbalance. It’s the latest stoush in their now legendary feud after the former friends fell out when Gallagher infamously referred to Williams in an interview as the “fat dancer from Take That”.

Robbie’s retort was to call Noel a “mean spirited dwarf,” and it is rumoured that the two once had a punch on over the issue.  There’s no sign of the feud abating, with Gallagher once offering Williams a gun so that he could kill himself.