Much loved Brisbane record store Rockinghorse Records, is set to close its doors. After warning that it was in dire straits several weeks ago, owner Warwick Vere has run up the white flag, saying that it just makes no economic sense to keep the store open.

He says “It’s just too difficult in the Brisbane city to get another place. And it’s a giant leap of faith to sign a lease for three years somewhere not knowing what technology is around the corner. He acknowledges that changes in the way music is distributed have forced his hand. He says “The delivery has gone in a way that doesn’t suit us as far as being a bricks and mortar shop is concerned. Even the dollar has got way too high for us to sell anything on the internet.”

Established 36 years ago, the shop occupied several locations in the Brisbane CBD, and served not only the city’s incredible contribution to Australian music history, but also became a local icon. While he concedes that he will not reopen the store, he is nonetheless hopeful  that someone else will reopen the business elsewhere. He says “Hopefully Rocking Horse will rise again somewhere but probably not under my guidance.Barring something happening at the 11th hour, and things do, we’ll be closing.”