Ok, Ok. This is for a good cause. Remember that. Because what we’re about to show you possibly may scar you for life. There is no way in hell we’d let any of these dolls anywhere near kids but for an avid collecter this surely is the jackpot.

JAKKS Pacific, Inc., who make the world famous Cabbage Patch Dolls are set to release a limited edition run of celebrity inspired dolls and auction them off for charity. In case you’re unfamiliar with Cabbage Patch Dolls the story goes something like this.

A ten year old boy discovers a bunch of babies that are incubated and born in cabbages after following a bee-like creatures with rabbit ears that they use as wings that pollinate cabbage blossoms with the magic crystals to make the babies.

To keep the babies from falling into the clutches of the evil Lavendar McDade (and being enslaved in her gold mine, naturally), he sought to get them adopted into the homes of loving families outside of Mount Yonah. We’re not to sure we’re keen on the idea of farming babies but we’ll leave that discussion for another day.

Five celebrities have been chosen to be turned into dolls, but the most interesting choice is recovering addict and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. Tyler’s doll wears a rocker inspired outfit and comes with its own mic stand. To understand just how creepy it is have a look at the photo below, Tyler’s doll is in the middle.

JAKKS Pacific worked closely with each celebrity to make sure their kid embodied their individual look and personality so we can’t wait to see what bag of tricks Tyler’s doll can pull off. Knocking their front teeth out after very innocently falling over in the shower perhaps? Each doll will also come with its own autographed birth certificate.

The dolls will be auctioned off on eBay with proceeds going towards Children’s Action Network (CAN), a national adoption awareness organization who find homes for kids in the United States who are in foster care.

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