Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has been unashamedly political with his new solo album Is This The Life We Really Want?, and seemed to have been prompted by the current political climate to release his first solo effort in 25 years.

That anger towards the present administration carries on from bitter tracks like ‘Smell The Roses’ and into his live set, it seems, and that is what’s gotten him in a little bit of trouble with some of his fans at a recent gig in New Orleans, as his relentless mocking of President Trump caused a segment of them to boo him before walking out.

As The New Orleans Advocate reports (via SPIN), Waters’ performance of ‘Pigs (Three Different Ones)’ was accompanied by “a procession of profane images of the current American president” on every screen, and Waters’ anti-Trump message was hammered home with little subtlety.

The visuals apparently featured “Trump as a baby, being held aloft by Russian President Vladimir Putin” and “Trump as a statue with an exceptionally small penis”, along with a deluge of the President’s famously misguided quotes.

Waters then capped the song off with the words “Trump is a pig” filling every screen as he segued sarcastically into Pink Floyd mega-hit ‘Money’. Described as “overkill” by the Advocate, it clearly had a few fans ruffled as well, with booing and walkouts from the Trump supporters who were in attendance despite Waters’ highly-publicised thoughts on the current leader of the free world.

It’s just the latest outburst from the songwriter who recently found himself accused of anti-Semitism for his push to boycott Israel, while also finding the time to slam Bob Dylan for dropping off the political map entirely in favour of album after album of Frank Sinatra covers.