Perth four piece The Voltaire Twins have released a quite impressive release in the form of Romulus. Specialising in classic electronica infused pop, the band, lead by Jaymes and Tegan Voltaire, the four track Romulus recalls classic acts such as New Order and The Pet Shop Boys.

The EP features a great production which really gives the music space and a chance to shine. This is a really great release to hear on a set of headphones, as the delicate balance and intricacy of the bands sound becomes more urgent and apparent.

The title track really sets the mood and tone for the assembled tracks on Romulus. There is a definite upbeat and positive feeling one gets listening to this release. The four tracks on this release are excellent indications and examples of a band really finding their sound and shape. A particular highlight is “The Wolves In The Walls”, which really shows off a great boy/girl vocal dynamic between Jaymes and Tegan.

This is a very good release and it continues a great trend of really interesting and compelling music that has been coming out of the West Australian music scene over the past year or so. Hopefully, we will be hearing more from The Voltaire Twins in the near future.

– Neil Evans