Perth’s resident fan of The Simpsons and punk rock, Dan Cribb, has been releasing a steady stream of reworked Simpsons classics this year, and his latest effort tackles one of the catchiest yet.

Having teamed up with the likes of Alex Lahey, Luca Brasi’s Tyler Richardson, Ball Park Music’s Jen Boyce and more on a bunch of covers this year, he’s enlisted the help of the talented Ecca Vandal for a take on the Michael Jackson-penned earworm ‘Happy Birthday Lisa’.

This is probably one of the best yet, the track translating perfectly into a sunny pop-punk duet with some of Dan’s crispest production yet – and the final breakdown is particularly adorable.

The cover joins seven others on Dan’s year-long project Worst Tribute Ever by Dan Cribb & Friends, and it’s been fun so far watching The Simpsons’ varied musical styles get hammered into the form of a short, sharp slab of Aussie punk rock.