Latoya Jackson, sister of King of Pop Michael Jackson, says that her brother was murdered by “people controlling him”. She told an interviewer “Michael told me that they were going to murder him. He was afraid. He was afraid for his life. I would never, ever think differently.”

She went on to say “People come into your life, wiggle their way in, control you, manipulate, control your funds, your finances, everything that you have. And you must do what they tell you to,” she said. “That’s what Michael was going through and he knew that everything that was happening to him was not kosher. It wasn’t right and it disturbed him greatly.”

Jackson’s physician Dr Conrad Murray has been ordered to stand trial on manslaughter over the King of Pop’s death, with prosecutors arguing that he gave Whacko Jacko a lethal dose of Propofol and several other sedatives in June 2009, which lead to his death.