You’d think that working with Axl Rose for 20 years would scare Slash off working with anyone else ever again, but it appears that Slash hasn’t been completely burnt by the experience –he keeps collaborating with other artists. He’s just tweeted from the studio that he’s collaborating with none other than R&B superstar Mary J Blige. He said “Just finished a session with Mike Clink engineering on a track with Mary J Blige. Sounds killer!” Mike Clink was the studio engineer on Guns n’ Roses’ 20+ million selling 1987 debut album Appetite For Destruction, so it appears that Slash likes to maintain his friendships, with that one stretching back 25 years.

It’s not Slash’s first collaboration with a high profile female hip hop or R&B star. He played the six string on Rihanna’s 2009 album Rated R, on the song ‘Rockstar 101’ as well as having Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie join him on the song ‘Beautiful Dangerous’ on his solo album released last year. Fans can most likely expect more collaborations from him – he’s indicated that rather than trying to find a lead singer for Velvet Revolver that everyone I happy with, he will push on with making another solo record.