The relationship between the band and their record producer can be incredibly icy at times. It is after all the record producers job to tell the band what is wrong with their music, and often that can lead to some pretty interesting confrontations.

But regardless of what you say about record producers, some do have an incredible track record that makes them highly sought after assets to the recording process. Because of this a few even pick up habits you’d usually associate with the rock stars themselves.

Enter stage left Rick Rubin, a famous producer who has worked with acts such as Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Slayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Mars Volta, Metallica, Aerosmith, Adele, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, the list just goes on and on. His incredibly volume of work makes him one of the worlds most famous producers. Rubin was recently named as co-Chairman of Columbia Records and is outspoken with his views on the current state of the music industry.

So when Slipknot decided to start work on a new album they of course turned to Rubin, who they hoped would help them make a great record. But according to lead singer Corey Taylor, the experience was far from what they had hoped for as he detailed in a candid Q&A session for his new book ‘Seven Deadly Sins’.

After being asked by an audience member what it was like working with the legendary Rick Rubin, Taylor didn’t hold back saying that Rubin was ‘overrated’ and ‘overpaid’.

“Rick Rubin showed up for 45 minutes a week. Rick Rubin would then, during that 45 minutes, lay on a couch and have a mic brought in next to face so he wouldn’t have to move,” said Taylor. “Then he would be like, ‘Play it for me,’ The engineer would play it. And he had shades on the whole time, never mind the fact there was no sun in the room.”

He continued “You just look like an a–hole at that point. He would stroke his huge beard and try and get as much food out of it as he could. He would go, ‘Play it again,’ then he’d be like, ‘Stop – do that over.'”

You can watch Taylor’s entire hilarious response at the Q&A below: