Wanna be a rock star? Want a major label deal? The good people of Soundwave Touring aren’t content with running some of the biggest festivals and tours in the country – they’ve decided to set up their own record label.

Their Facebook page has told fans “Introducing 3Wise Records. For many years Soundwave has been a household name as the leader of all things punk, metal and rock with the annual Soundwave Festival, Sidewaves and countless successful tours. Now it is time to deliver the same passion that we have for our touring artists to releasing records via 3Wise Records. From the same team behind all things Soundwave, 3Wise Records is the brand new boutique label, dedicated to releasing world-class music from a handpicked roster of talented artists. We are excited to announce first releases from 3Wise Records – Fireworks, Zebrahead, Vanna, Chelsea Grin and Iwrestledabearonce.”

Some people would say that starting up a record label in this day and age is complete and utter madness, but if anyone can pull it off it’s these guys. While many niche record labels are a labour of love for those involved, giving artists more opportunities to release their music to a wider audience and allowing fans to discover new music is a good thing for music. We look forward to their first releases. Here’s where you can get some more info on them.

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