Soundwave Revolution promoter AJ Maddah has responded to criticisms of the Melbourne location for the event, at Tabcorp Park in Melton, some 40 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.  In a series of amusing tweets, Maddah has hit back at people complaining about the location, saying “Melbourne venue is Tabcorp Park. It’s out of the city, but not quite as far as Geelong (I hope/think).” He’s also confirmed that the venue will be putting on extra transport.

He says“We’re putting on a heap of trains and free buses.” However, he’s had a whinge about the associated costs with putting on the transport, tweeting “It’s what NSW, VIC and WA make you put on for “free” public transport.” In a riposte to fans complaining about the Melton location he said “We’re there despite Toorak begging to host 40,000 punk and metal fans…”

In spite of concerns that the Melton location is actually not served by electrified trains and relies on a connection to the city by diesel trains on a single track, he assures fans that “We’re putting on a lot of extra train services and free buses. We have a dozen extra services added. Up to midnight!”

Most amusingly, he’s responded to a twitter follower who suggested that he was being a cheapskate in booking such a venue by saying  “Yeah. We’re so broke we’re spending our last $12.4M on bands for swRevolution!”. But the claws really came out when someone suggested that Soundwave Revolution was the most poorly organised festival to date, with AJ replying “Can’t wait for your festival which will no doubt be held in the magical kingdom with ponies & buttplugs for all your friends!” Touché, AJ, touché!