Melbourne three piece These Patterns specialise in haunting, atmospheric post-punk psychedelic musical soundscapes, with contrasting male/female vocals adding to the overall sonic assault and sound.

Species is the band’s debut EP. Consisting of four tracks, the band recall to mind Icelandic’s Sigur Ros in their embrace of highly stylised and effective post-pop music and taking something familiar to somewhere alien and new. The EP features beautiful production, which shows the mysterious and at times ethereal vibe of the band at its strongest.

Opening with the foreboding “Begin”, one also thinks of David Bowie’s experimental German period, perhaps best personified on his benchmark “Low” album from 1977. Local inspiration and influences such as Ollie Olsen and Essendon Airport can also be heard on the wonderful “Forrestry & Furniture”.

This is definitely a band to watch. It is refreshing to see a local band that are not afraid to pursue a different musical path from that of the peers. Hopefully, the future will see These Patterns fulfil the wonderful sense of polish and overall sonic vision they have displayed on this EP.

– Neil Evans