Let the lineup leaks begin! We’ve just been given the first confirmed leak (pencilled in leak if you want to split hairs) of what will no doubt be an exciting couple of months as musicians with loose lips let slip a wee bit early their appearance at the one of the most anticipated festivals in the country, Splendour In The Grass.

Band of Skulls last week indicated to FasterLouder that they would be travelling here in winter, which does coincide with Splendour but isn’t exactly the kind of confirmation we’ve been looking for.

Enter Shins frontman James Mercer, who today let slip that not only are the band planning a tour later this year but they’ve been pencilled in for Splendour which will be a different kind of event this year as it moves back to its spiritual home.

“Yes, we will,” Mercer told The Vine when asked if The Shins had any plans to tour Australia. “I just don’t know when. I know there was talk about Splendour in the Grass, but that’s like, pencilled into my calendar. It’s not official. So it would be trying to be something together around there, I suppose.”

Splendour this year has moved back from Woodford to Belongil Field in Byron Bay, as the festival continues to wait for government approval to develop a permanent home on land purchased by the promoters over 6 years ago.

Promoter Jessica Ducrou has indicated that because of the move the festival will be smaller and therefore fans should expect a lineup that reflects that. “Obviously moving from Woodford to Belongil Field the venue is smaller, 17,500 is what we run at there” Ducrou told Noise11.

“That obviously effects how much you can spend on your talent,” she continued. “No, we won’t be having acts like Kanye and Coldplay who are some of the biggest acts in the world. We have some great bands people will be very happy with”.

The actual lineup is expected to be announced sometime in April.

Hopefully Splendour can buck the trend this year after a number of festivals failed to meet expectations or simply fell over these last 12 months. Check out our slideshow of The Year The Festival Died.