Howdy folks! What’s that? You’re having trouble buying Splendour In The Grass tickets? That’s okay, so are we. Tickets went on sale at 9am this morning, but it appears the festival’s website has gone in to meltdown; with unusually, iPhone users getting the best result.

According to Splendour In The Grass’ official Facebook page, it’s a bank glitch, with good old Westpac Bank not providing punters with the service they are entitled to. They say “Just confirming that Westpac and St George credit cards CANNOT be used to purchase tickets due to the Westpac glitch. Transactions with these cards are being rejected and are holding up the sales process. Please use other cards. The payment gateway has now switched to another bank and sales should proceed more smoothly soon.”

Despite organisers tearing out their hair at the issue, they have told punters “The cards/banks that will be affected are: Westpac VISA, MasterCard and Debit Potentially St George and Heritage as well. Please do NOT use these credit cards. They are causing delays in the system due to transaction rejections.”

Splendour In The Grass now costs in excess of $500 with a camping ticket, and as of 10:30am sales site Moshtix was down too. Check out the line up everyone is trying to buy tickets for here