Mystery and whispers of controversy have constantly plagued the career of the legendary British band The Stone Roses.

At the band’s Glasgow show earlier this year, rumors began to swell that the performance would be the band’s last, with Ian Brown proclaiming to the crowd that they should, “be happy that it happened. The band’s biographer John Robb also said to NME year that, “It’s not official 100% confirmed that they’ve stopped, but it looks like they have, doesn’t it?”.

Now, it looks like the band’s touring company ‘Second Touring Limited’, set up by the brit-rock luminaries in 2015 is also facing an imminent shutdown.

As shown by documents on the Government’s Companies House, the touring agency had its ‘First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off in October’. Unless renewal occurs, the company will be deregistered as of December 24. The band have been approached by NME for a comment but have yet to respond.

Robb also went on to muse on the impact and influence of the band saying, “The thing about The Roses, is that from day one that band could have combusted at any moment. Their brilliance is so fleeting and hard to grasp, that it disappears. They get it in their hands, then they just let it go again. When they did grab it, god it was amazing. Last year when they played Manchester, it was just magical. They’re just such a fantastic and powerful band.”