A mini album release from Sydney band Only The Sea Slugs, Street Life is a very pleasant surprise. Taking its name from a Roxy Music track, Street Life shows a vast array of influences, such as the aforementioned Roxy Music, and the way that the band have worked to truly make those influences their own on this album.

This is a great mini album to listen to on headphones. All eight tracks have a complexity and depth to them that cannot be easily dismissed. Opening track “She Said”, with its swirling guitar riffs, makes a strong impression immediately. This is a truly talented band and definitely one that has made a highly accomplished effort with Street Life.

Having worked very carefully on Street Life, there is not a dull moment here. The piano outro on “Moonpark” literally comes out of nowhere and catches the listener completely off guartd. “Big Sky” is a truly gorgeous and classic slice of pop-charming and utterly beguiling.

As a certain man with a hat would say, do yourself a favour! This is a really great listen and hopefully a strong sign of things to come from this highly talented Sydney band.

-Neil Evans.