By now we’re sure most of you realise that former-White Stripes frontman Jack White has what we’ll call ‘eclectic tastes’. The creative genius behind a number of rock n roll bands, White has shifted focused in recent years working on his record label Third Man Records, producing, and collaborating with artists as well as spending more time on another hobby of this, collecting animal taxidermy.

White’s obsession with dead stuffed animals is no secret and he talks openly about his hobby. “I have a huge taxidermy collection at home,” he said in a recent interview. “I’ve got a zebra head, two gazelles, an eland, a kudu, a giant white elk…”

But the collection in recent years had started to get a little out of hand according to his former-wife Karen Elson. “He loves a good stuffed animal, my husband.” she said a few years back. “[It’s] to the point where [I say], ‘Please don’t come off tour with another creature.’ I mean, some of the stuff is beautiful but they’re his, not mine.”

Now we’ll get a chance to see some of White’s collection as The History Channel is given access for their show ‘American Pickers’. For those who are unfamiliar with the show it features two collectors of rare antiques who drive across America looking for people who will let them search through their old barns and cellars for treasure. It’s kind of like Antiques Roadshow mets Hoarders.

In the episode, appropriately titled ‘The Elephant in the Room’, the show’s hosts visit White in his recording studio after they acquire an elephant’s head that they believe the frontman may wish to purchase from them. White apparently tries to bargain with the hosts offering a slew of rock n roll memorabilia in exchange for the head.

The episode airs next Monday on The History Channel. You can see a preview of the episode below. Also, don’t forget to check out our slideshow of musician’s weird and wonderful hobbies.