After the runaway success of The Temper Trap’s debut album Conditions in 2009 it’s any wonder the band have be treading carefully, opting to take their time on the dreaded second album instead of rushing an LP out.

The band are currently in Los Angeles where the record is being produced by Tony Hoffer who has previously worked with M83, Silversun Pickups, Beck, Phoenix and more, and are currently laying down the final tracks for the album.

According to Street Press Australia who caught up with The Temper Trap’s manager Danny Rogers, the band have 17 tracks at the moment and are in the process of making the difficult decision about which tracks to cut from the final product.

“I’m as confident as you can be on a second album,” he said in the interview. “They’ve got a really good attitude towards it and are really just good blokes. There’s been moments where we’ve sat around questioning the direction, and with five members there’s always going to be five opinions.”

“But I think them and Gotye are going to be flying the [Australian] flag around the world.” he concluded. Rogers thinks the band are on track to release the album by May or June this year as long as they can all agree on the final touches.

The band have also been given a massive up, or kiss of death depending on your perspective, from U2 frontman Bono who spoke about the band in a recent interview with Spinner.

“Something really exciting is that finally the rock band is melting into clubland and experimenting with sounds that are not normally deemed authentic for the rock band,” he said. “Synthesizers, experimental sounds – which you can hear in an album by the Temper Trap. That’s exciting, a new hybrid.”

Conditions peaked at number nine on the ARIA Charts and 175 on the Billboard 200 in the US. The album spawned the international hit ‘Sweet Disposition’ which peaked at number 14 here in Australia and sixth on the UK singles chart.