Welcome To The Jungle Honey, we got your disease! We got the bands you want, a forest of cock rock if you please! Tone Deaf is tying on our bandanas and pulling on those sweaty leather strides exuding pheromones as we sweat it up for a night of hip thrusting, groin grabbing, STD sharing cock rock at Ding Dong Lounge this Saturday 27th November. They unfortunately had to cancel their Tone Deaf gig back in August when they fell ill at the last minute, but we’re thrilled to welcome back Sydney’s all conquering The Art as they make it up to their fans by playing a one off intimate club show in the hot and sweaty confines of Melbourne’s rock n’ roll central, Ding Dong Lounge. Since going to America as The Follow and returning to Australia as The Art last year, the band have been busting their chops playing with a who’s who of international bands – from Marilyn Manson to Them Crooked Vultures – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to 30 Seconds to Mars and this will be the smallest stage they’ve seen in a while.

Joining them for a night of pure rock n’ roll hedonism, he boys from Skarlet Blue are back from LA and have bought a little bit of the Rainbow Bar & Grill with them as they make a stop off from their Australian tour to get down and dirty with the Tone Deaf groupies. The Five Venoms return with their guitar strangling Sino-rock strorm troopers, while The Rock City Riff Raff and Diamond Sims are going to make you all open up and say ahhhhh! We’ve got $10 jugs before 10pm to get your members throbbing and the Tone Deaf trouser snake DJs will be playing ball tearing rock until the wee hours – this is going to be off the hook!