Tone Deaf gigs are the preferred ‘night off’ choice for touring bands and this Saturday 14th August we’re thrilled to welcome Sydney’s all conquering The Art as they take time out from their national tour with 30 Seconds To Mars and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to play a one off intimate club show in the hot and sweaty confines of Melbourne’s rock n’ roll central, Ding Dong Lounge.

Since going to America as The Follow and returning to Australia as The Art last year, the band have been busting their chops playing with a who’s who of international bands – from Marilyn Manson to Them Crooked Vultures – serving up a triple dose of effervescent rock n’ roll howling.

Joining them for a massive night will be Tone Deaf’s exciting discoveries Kingswood, who you’d swear had Bon Scott reincarnated out front with his primal wail. Adding extra tang to the toppings on this rock n’ roll pizza are the existential power pop of Wilfed Jackal, Brisvegas’ rolling thunder revue with The Cairos and making their leap on to the big stage, the shimmering horizons of The Promised Land.

Kicking off a another night of the sweat dripping off the ceiling with $10 party starter jugs and the Tone Deaf DJ crew throwing shapes on, behind and in front of the DJ booth, we’re going to keep your feet going until you scream out no more!