We’d like to know a little bit about you for our files, but we don’t like regurgitating press releases or asking the easy questions. At Tone Deaf we only ask the tough questions, so just hold still, grit your teeth, clench your buttocks and be still while we put on the rubber gloves, apply the thumbscrews, and pull out our thermometer while you open up and say ahhhhhhhhhhh… Truthful answers only or we drink your rider while you’re on stage. Alfred tells us what angels they are.

Who gets the most ‘off stage action’ in the band? What’s the secret to their success?
As a band, we all spend as much time on stage and off stage as each other.. The secret to this is having a good schedule and punctuality.

Have you ever been arrested? Where were you, and what was it for?

No, but I was once given a prize for being an exemplary cyclist. The cops gave me a sticker after I signalled for a turn.

What’s been the worst day job you’ve ever had?
Night watchman…

Sex, drugs and groupies – In what order do you prefer them and how often?

That’s a tough question..

Take us back to the first gig you went to. Where was it and what was the venue?

Bob Dylan at The Palais around 92. I was 15. The gig was loud and not so great. Not to mention the car crash I was in on the way home – a truck wrote off the car. His Bobness redeemed himself many times over on his later tours!

What’s your favourite site to download music from and do you ever pay for it? Can we find any of your releases there?

bandcamp.com and yes, I pay for it. You get to choose from a load of formats in much better quality than your standard mp3. Nerd’s will have to stop themselves drooling when I mention FLAC files. You can find us there at: www.thebellparade.bandcamp.com

What’s the furthest you’d go to win over a new fan?

Hand me that telescope.

Right, here’s the plug section – tell us about upcoming gigs/tours and releases.

Friday March 18th at 9pm we launch the album “Let’s make ‘em like that anymore” at the Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood. Extra special support comes from The Grapes featuring Ashley Naylor (Even) and Sherry Rich.

Sunday March 20th at 5pm we play an acoustic in-store at Pure Pop Records, 221 Barkly Street St Kilda

April 8th The Vanguard, Newtown, Sydney (with Mushu, Julia and The Deep Sea Sirens)

April 9th The Front, Canberra (with Julia and The Deep Sea Sirens)

Check out more details at www.thebellparade.com