Sure we’ve heard about you before, but we think it’s time for Tone Deaf to get to know you a little better. Slip in to something comfortable while we put on some music, pour us a couple of drinks and turn the lights down low. So, tell us about yourselves…Who are you – who who? We really wanna know….

Who are you and what do you do in your act?

Ryan Harris, Guitar and some time vocals with The Daylight Braves

‘Fess up. What records have you stolen from your parents’ record collection and why?

My folks have a pretty repulsive record collection but there were some gems that I’ve extracted over the years. I remember the first time I looked through their stash and uncovered a nasty treasure trove of the Bee Gees, the Seekers, ABBA and Neil Diamond, however thankfully there was also some Beatles, Bowie and even, thank Christ, some Whitney Houston.

What’s on heavy rotation on your iPod right now?

I go through phases where I keep up with new releases and then shelve ‘em for some old classics. Right now I’m going through a real 70s funk phase. Call me naïve but I just don’t think anyone can stop themselves from moving or at least feeling groovy when Dyke & the Blazers, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown and Sly & the Family Stone are spinning.

‘Home taping is killing the music business’ was the catch-cry of the record industry in the 1970s, but it managed to survive until now. What do you think is the difference between mates taping copies of friend’s records back in the 80s and 90s and file sharing now?

The difference is pretty minimal on the morality scale but there is just SO much music available at the click of a button now. Either way it seems that whether it’s the 70s or the 10s, only the people at the top are making any real money in music. But it’s about the music. Isn’t it? Damn.

You must answer this question honestly or we steal your rider. What was the first gig you went to? Where was it and what was the venue?

Does Disney on Ice count? Jeez that was an impressive production. Circa 1993.

What’s your favourite site to download music from and do you ever pay for it? Can we find any of your releases there?

We’re not nearly famous enough to have our tracks listed on a site for illegal download. When that day comes, I’ll open a bottle of fine liquor and weep.

What artist made you want to pick up an instrument and/or sing?

I started playing guitar when I was 9, playing a ratty old acoustic guitar that was lying around the house. Funnily enough by the time I was about 11 I put aside ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and ‘She’ll be Coming ‘Round the Mountain’ when I heard “Smooth” by Santana. I thought it was cool at the time, then later I found out Rob Thomas was a knob. Oh well.

Have you ever been arrested?

Kinda. I got pulled over for drink driving last year and it was bad enough that they took me ‘downtown’ and then stole my driver’s licence for six months. I’m not proud of that.

Do you have any particular ritual before you go on stage, or even a lucky charm you take with you?

Not really. I’m not a big believer in superstitions or rituals. I always make sure my guitar is tuned. Does that count?

What’s been your most outrageous rider request?

7 Irish Dwarves playing Stairway to Heaven with tin whistles.

Because it’s more fun to do things together, which living Australian artist would you most like to collaborate with? Tell us why?

Rolf Harris. Only because he’s the most seminal Australian artist of the last 100 years, and I hope some of his wobble board skills rub off on me.

Right, let’s get really intimate. Tell us what releases you have that we can listen to with the lights down low, or even better, where we can see you play in person next.

Our new EP ‘Liquid Sun’ is getting launched next Friday the 12th of August at Jive, followed by an Eastern States tour.