Stuck your head near a 1000 watt speaker lately? Didn’t think so, but this is what you get at the Deaf Sessions at Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane as we surround your with the finest surround sound ear drum shattering rock n’ roll in town. This Friday 10th December we’ve got those big haired rapscallions The Five Venoms who are arguably the finest rock n’ roll guitar shredders in town, blowing ear drums and  minds with their unique take on rock n’ roll debauchery. Joining them are the catsuited sexbombs of Dollsquad with their garage rock Runaways meets Katy Perry juvenile delinquency and the sharp outfits and blistering Jam-esque bass and guitar chord rolls of The New Black. Chuck in rock n’ roll DJs all evening and don’t blame us if you start seeing buildings shattering down AC/DC Lane that night. Doors open at 8 sharp, and with the last band taking to the stage at 11, make sure you get down early to get your earplugs in place in time.