We all know that achieving cut through with your songs these days can depend a lot on marketing and having a big record company and their marketing budget behind you doesn’t necessarily mean you will get anything more than sit in the pile of unlistened to CDs in radio stations, newspapers and websites.

So, you’ve got to think outside the square just a little and who else could we expect such activity from than the Flaming Lips? Animal outfits on stage, rolling around in a clear plastic bubble above the crowd and general psychedelic mayhem are the band’s stock in trade, but this one sees them go a step further in to the surreal. The band are releasing new songs in lollies, gummy fetuses. Yes, that’s right, you’ll be able to sit them alongside your other fetus records in your collection.

Their latest madcap plan  sees them releasing jelly babies containing USB drives preloaded with three new tracks. It’s not a complete surprise, however, as the band’s release in April of four songs loaded in a USB in a jelly brain, which in turn was enclosed in a jelly skull skull. Either the psychedelic rock band have found hallucinogens hard to come by in their native Oklahoma, or perhaps they’ve now traded in the LSD for a sugar high.

See the ‘Gummy Fetus’ below: