The Flaming Lips are well known for their bizarre antics both on stage and off. The group were just in Australia last year for the inaugural Harvest Festival and since then have kept themselves busy collaborating with a number of artists including interestingly enough Ke$ha.

But even Ke$ha can’t outdo what must surely be the most creative collaboration we’ve come across in a while. Which is saying something considering the long sordid painful list of collaborations over the last year including the recent dance crossover track from Jimmy Barnes.

No, the Wayne Coyne fronted band have outdone everyone, releasing a collaboration with Erykah Badu and the new assistant that comes with the iPhone 4S, Siri. Making her first major debut in music, Siri lends her vocal talents to the track ‘Now I Understand’ repeating over and over to Wayne that she doesn’t understand.

We don’t really understand either but we think that’s part of the charm of The Flaming Lips who have been both wowing and confusing fans for years now with ‘creative ideas’ such as releasing a song in a human skull, recording both a 6 hour and 24 hour song, and putting a USB with digital tracks in a huge gummy fetus.

According to a post on the band’s Soundcloud page the track will only be available for one week so be sure to share the madness with all your friends. You can stream ‘Now I Understand’ below.