News broke yesterday that ‘music industry sources’ have revealed that Las Vegas rock group The Killers are set to headline the entertainment for this year’s AFL Grand Final, and Aussie music fans were both ecstatic at the prospect, and disheartened that the group will apparently only be playing that one event exclusively, with no sideshows. However, news of a new single may help tide over disappointed fans of The Killers.

While music fans who read the Fox Sports article that claimed the group are heading here for the Grand Final will have noticed mention of the group’s new single, The Killers have now taken to Twitter to give their fans a first taste of what this new single will be like.

While The Killers haven’t played in Australia since 2013’s Big Day Out festival, it’s been since 2012 that they released a new album. After 2012’s Battle Born was well received by critics, the ensuing years saw a couple of singles from their 2013 compilation Direct Hits, and a few Christmas-themes singles released here and there. Here’s hoping that by the time The Killers make their way back to Australia, we’ve got their new album, featuring their new single ‘The Man’, in our hands.

In the meantime, check out the most recent track from The Killers, ‘Peace Of Mind’, an outtake from their Sam’s Town sessions in 2006.