It might be Grand Final Day, but we’ve got more mind blowing psychedelic trips at Ding Dong Lounge than Ben Cousins having a good weekend – and ours are all legal! Tone Deaf favourites The Laurels are bringing their mind bending psychedelic shoegaze trip down from Sydney for a night of space/time continuum pedal clash with the screamadelica of Melbourne’s psychedelic riff junkies, The Demon Parade. Chuck in the narco—nu-gaze drones of Buried Feather and the warped hallucinogen- tipped poisoned arrows of The Priory Dolls and we’ve got more legal highs than the bong shop on Swanston Street. Opening it all up with the goon bag park bench riffery of The Thod and the white noise squall of Strangers From Now On and this will be a huuuuuge night!

You’ve picked the winning team with Tone Deaf because we’ve got $10 jugs to get you best on ground before 10pm, and the Tone Deaf DJ crew will be spinning indie rock n’ roll anthems and even the odd footy team song until the wee hours. This night will sell out so get your tickets at