Following The Middle East’s shock announcement on stage at this years Splendour In The Grass the band have issued a clarifying statement to fans on their Facebook page stating:


writing to inform you that we’re ceasing. i’m not sure if we’ll make more music later on or not. we don’t feel like playing anymore for a whole lot of reasons that i won’t list here and i’m afraid if we continued any longer it would just be a moneygrab. i’d rather go hungry. thank you to all those who came to shows. we had fun. t.s elliot wrote ‘you are the music while the music lasts’, but he also wrote that confusing little book about cats so don’t put too much stock in his quotes. i’m very tired. until next time.

sincerely yours, the middle east. 

Their Facebook page has been flooded with words of encouragement from fans with many supporting the bands decision to stay true to their art and not ‘sell out’. One fan commented ‘i really respect that guys, i think all bands should do this, unlike kings of leon and cold war kids’, whilst another posted a message saying ‘In a sea of vibrant musicians of today, you guys shone bright for me.’

However, this isn’t the first time the bands has announced a split. They ‘broke up’ back in 2008 only to reform 8 months later. Fingers crossed this time around.