The Mighty Boosh star Julian Barrat, who plays the character Howard Moon in the popular TV series, has revealed in a recent interview with BBC 6 that the acting and singing troupe have finished recording an album and are now just waiting for the right time to release it. The Mighty Boosh is well known for incorporating many musical elements into the series.

“We haven’t put it out yet but we’ve done the recording. It sounds good. We recorded it at Electric Ladyland studios – they did quite a good deal.” Barrat revealed in his interview. However fans may be waiting some time with plans for it to be released to coincide with a Mighty Boosh film which has been stuck in development hell for a number of years.

Barrat hinted “We’re just waiting for a time to put it out really. I don’t know, when we get round to writing the next film or something we’ll tie it in and release it together.”

Have a listen to the full interview on BBC 6 below