It’s been nearly three decades since their blow-out, but former Runaways members Cherie Curie and Lita Ford have kiss and made up thanks to some help from another former bandmate, Joan Jett.

According to Spin, an emotional Curie took to her Facebook page (see below for the full post) to describe the reconciliation as “joyful, sometimes tearful, yet so exhilarating and full of love,” and goes on with excitement about having chatted about their families but most intriguingly “doing together again what we had done so well as kids.”

Considering Jett made the Currie-Ford reconnection a reality, the idea that we may be looking at a reunion of The Runaways in the no-too-distant future isn’t that far-fetched. With the exception of drummer Sandy West, who died of lung cancer in 2006, all the original members are available for a reunion, and have never publicly stated that they would be against such an occurrence.

The band split in 1979 after inner turmoil surrounding the bands musical direction. However, Curie and Lita’s relationship became strained after an incident during photo session in the fall of 1977, which resulted in Curie leaving the band. Jett, who had previously shared vocals with Currie, took over lead vocals full time.

The fued between the two has been burning ever since the split, and even recently with the releaese of the biopic flim, The Runaways, Curie gave an interview and had this to say about Lita’s disapproval towards the film ‘Lita has no one to blame but herself. Joan asked her to be involved and had she done so it would have been a different film. But you can’t get blood from a stone and that’s what Lita is.’

Cherie Currie’s emotional Facebook post:

I’ve had this reoccurring dream. It started about 25 years ago and in this dream I was sitting with a woman I had spent my teenaged years with, been through a lot with. We would talk, just ‘be’ and the dreams were so full of happiness, anticipation and this need to tell her what she meant to me.., how proud I was of her and what we had done together. That I loved her.

I …had that very dream again three weeks ago only to awaken to the realization that again, it was only a dream.
Three days ago I spoke to someone that knew this woman as I did back then and who had recently spent time with her after so many years.. I told this mutual friend how I wished I could have that opportunity and how much it would mean to me. She offered to reach out on my behalf and pass along what I had waited so long to say.
The following day what felt like a miracle happened. I received an amazing email from this long lost friend I have dreamed of all these years and she was as happy to hear that I wanted to see her as I was that she would want to see me.

Tonight, that dream came true. It was joyful, sometimes tearful, yet so exhilarating and full of love. Just the two of us, feeling like teenagers again but with the maturity that 30+ years can bring, what life, being mothers will bring.
We talked about our kids, our lives and our dream of doing together again what we had done so well as kids.
She is everything and more than I could have imagined and I get to see her (my friend) again tomorrow night, introduce her to my son, Jake and cheer her on.
I no longer have to dream. I am now living that dream.
I want to thank the mutual friend that brought us together, Joan Jett.
And the long lost sister I have waited 30+ years for? Lita Ford.

We smell reunion in the air.