Scottish rock stars The View are currently re-assessing their passports and ability to get work visas in America  and Australia after their drummer was convicted on assault charges after a punch on outside a nightclub in their home of Dundee in Scotland. The band, who hit the big time after successfully giving Pete Doherty of The Libertines and Babyshambles their demo after a gig, are now dealing with the fallout from the incident which was apparently prompted by a fight over a girl.

The judge, Elizabeth Munro, fined the band’s drummer Steven Morrison, £900 over the fracas, while also expressing her surprise at the fact that the band earned so little money. (She was shocked that a rock star only made about $AU500 per week). “I’m in no way happy with what I’ve done,” Morrison said once he left the court. “This is what you get if you behave badly … I hope [it] doesn’t reflect badly in any way with fans of the View.”