Ahead of their new album Future Primitive, which is due out on the 3rd of June, The Vines are set to play an intimate Live At The Chapel gig at St Stephens Anglican Church in Newton in Sydney on the 26th of May. Part of the TV series of the same name, the band will join an illustrious list of past performers who have played shows for the series, including Foo Fighters, Temper Trap and Coldplay.

Front man Craig Nicholls is gearing up to put down the bong and strap on the guitar, saying “We’re stoked to play Live At The Chapel, following in the footsteps of some bands that we really admire, like Foo Fighters and Coldplay. Can’t wait to play the new album live!” Tickets can only be won through the official website liveatthechapel.com from Thursday April 21.

Future Primitive is the follow up to 2008’s Melodia, which received a muted response, particularly in light of the band having o scupper touring plans for it, citing the need for front man Nicholls to take time off to focus on ‘mental health’ issues.  A lead single for the album, ‘Gimme Love’ was released online in January. Clocking in at under two minutes, it hints at a return to form for the band which has suffered a case of diminishing returns since the release of their acclaimed debut, Highly Evolved.