For those bands out there that can’t simply waltz into Abbey Road Studios and track their album in a lush studio that’s wedged between rooms where Coldplay and U2 are enjoying their own respective sessions, could be a serious time-saver.

One of the least talked-about but most frustrating aspects of being an up-and-coming band is recording, and the anxiety starts before you’ve even stepped in the booth. Simply finding a studio that suits your budget and your schedule can prove a nightmare.

Often bands will find themselves calling every studio in town, haggling for a good rate, which will inevitably end up costing thousands if you don’t want your first EP to sound like it was recorded inside of a tool shed made out of aluminium siding.

This is where comes in. The app aims to simplify the whole process, providing a benefit both to musicians who are in desperate need of a decent and economical place to record and recording studios that are in need of clients.

The app effectively works like Airbnb, the popular app which allows travellers to find affordable lodging by pairing them with property owners looking to rent out their space. Airbnb does this by providing users with a list of available properties in a given area.

[include_post id=”441678″] does the same thing, but instead provides users with a list of available recording studios in their area, alongside a list of rates. Best of all, users can set their own price range as well as whether they’ll require an audio engineer or an assistant.

The studios provide users with the rate, various details, and images of their space, which can be rented in eight-hour blocks. The listings are currently limited, but do include such famous spaces as Red Bull’s studios in New York and LA.

While is currently focused on New York and LA, they’re urging musicians and studios to spread the word about the app so they can continue to build their community. “We will reshare and offer occasional discounts to those that help spread the word,” they write.