Black Sabbath may have split up after a mere 49 years of playing the devil’s music, but it’s hardly the last peep you’ll hear from the group, with plans in place to release both a documentary and a live album of the band’s final show.

In a chat with NBC News, guitarist Tony Iommi spilled the beans on the twin projects. “We’ll actually be doing a documentary”, he revealed. “My job at the moment is to have a listen to what we’ve done.”

Iommi is also “in the process of mixing the sound from the final Sabbath shows in Birmingham for a possible live album.”

It’s all quite vague, but whether the documentary revolves around their final tour, or spans their entire career, we know it’s gonna be well worth a watch – forwards and then backwards, you know, to pick up on all the satanic messages we may have missed.

In the meantime, enjoy this tribute to Ronnie James Dio.