This week the Deaf Sessions at Cherry Bar are plugging in the reverb and delay pedals as we apply some sonic pressure and present the much vaunted Three Month Sunset as they commit to vinyl their much anticipated 12” debut release. With a buzz all year that’s grown to a deafening low frequency hum around them, Three Month Sunset are fast becoming scene darlings and with their recent astonishing performance at Tone Deaf’s Black Ryder party, the punters know why. Joining them for a night of frequency defying shoegazey sonic dreamscapes are the fuzzed out MBV meets Spaceman 3 torpor of Iowa, and the much anticipated debut Cherry show for Thieves and Rainbow Connection DJ’s spinning the discs.

Recorded live on the night and available for download the following week at, the Deaf Sessions is an intimate gig and with a line-up like this, it will sell out. With band starting at 9 on the dot, and entry just $12, get down early to give your earplugs the biggest workout they’ve had this year.