Tim Rogers is an Aussie icon with a long career at his heels and hopefully plenty left in the tank in the years to come. His new solo record, however, deals with the melancholic feelings of a retiring artist saying goodbye to  a long career, and offers up plenty of rich, thematic fat to chew.

Tim sat down in a sunlit side room with album collaborator Shane O’Mara to discuss the new album, An Actor Repairs, talking through its tricky genesis over two years, with the album originally beginning as a stage production, before morphing into a record featuring a host of musical friends like Davey Lane and Melanie Robinson.

Tim and Shane also delve into how they picked that cast of musicians, and a few other tricks they’ve each learned throughout years of songwriting and album-making, plus a few chuckles. You can join in the chat below, and gear up for the album’s release this Friday.