Tired of waiting around for that long-rumoured new Tool album? Don’t worry, because Seether have the next best thing.

The South African band’s latest single ‘Let You Down’ was originally released in February, but it wasn’t until the album Poison The Parish dropped a few days ago that people really started picking up on the similarities, with Metal Sucks pointing out that the apparent blatant rip was Seether’s best bet at making a decent song.

At around 12 seconds in, Seether’s song kicks in with a riff that definitely sounds a little familiar, and when you jump to the 25 second mark of Tool’s ’96 classic ‘Stinkfist’, the comparison is pretty undeniable.

So, is this a case of Seether simply absorbing the riff somewhere over the years and unconsciously spitting it back out, or did they think that 20 years was long enough for the track and its Grammy-nominated video clip to fall into the public domain?

It’s not quite on the same level as Tame Impala getting their hit single swiped by a Chinese flavoured milk commercial as far as rip-offs go, but it’s up there.