It seems like such a perfect combination: the heavy, industrial metal of Tool played using, well, heavy, industrial, metal tools.

That’s just what YouTuber and guitarist Davie504 has done, putting together a tough medley of ‘Schism’, ‘Sober’, ‘The Pot’ and ‘Forty Six & 2’ using nothing but a selection of Bunnings purchases including

Okay, so he cheated just a little and used his bass guitar and a single crash cymbal, but everything else was put together with pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, a tape measure, and even the tool box itself.

What’s his next challenge, I wonder. Jam out to Smashing Pumpkins by smashing pumpkins? Tackle The Rolling Stones using rolli- you get the idea. He’s already played Red Hot Chili Peppers using, yep, actual chilis, so there’s nothing he’s not game for at this point.