If you’ve been following Trent Reznor’s movements over the past year, you will have heard him reveal last year in his first big move into dramatic fiction writing, he would be creating a miniseries based on Nine Inch Nail’s 2007 concept album Year Zero. It has already been announced that this TV show will be airing on HBO and BBC, and after much anticipation and speculation, a screenwriter has been revealed.

Obviously a fan of Fight Club, Reznor is set to be teaming up with his second collaborator of the film, writer Jim Uhls. This announcement hardly comes out of left field, as Reznor had a very successful liaison with Fight Club director David Fincher indeed, penning the Oscar-winning original score for Fincher’s 2010 film The Social Network, also currently scoring Fincher’s adaption of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.Year Zero is said to centre around a dystopian society in 2022, where the United States is governed by Christian fundamentalists. Anyone who shows independent thought or dissent in this society disappears.

In similar film news, fellow Oscar winner and film score composer Randy Newman will be paying Australia a visit in a month’s time, playing with none other than the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. He’s set to be performing many of his great successes from over the years, including ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’ and ‘Girls in my Life’ just to name a couple.

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