Is Trent Reznor the hardest working man in music? Since he put his band Nine Inch Nails on the shelf to collect dust while he pursued other projects he has started a new band, How To Destroy Angels, and scored two films winning him the Academy Award for Best Soundtrack for his work with The Social Network.

Now the frontman has decided to turn his attention back to Nine Inch Nails and has told BBC Radio in the UK that 2012 is the year to watch for new material.

“I’ll spend a good portion of 2012 writing for Nine Inch Nails,” he told the radio station. “Let’s see what happens. I need[ed] to commit to doing something different, and that doesn’t mean I’m not going to return to Nine Inch Nails at some point.”

He continued “I find myself pushed and pulled back into the same routine of album, tour, album, tour, album, tour, while a list of things I’d like to try and do in life sits untouched on the table.”

Reznor’s comments re-enforce statements he made on a Nine Inch Nails forum back in March to worried fans of the band. “Nine Inch Nails is not dead and I plan to focus on that next,” he wrote. “The three columns of things I’m currently funnelling music into — HTDA, NIN, and film work — I believe will start to make sense to you (and me) as everything unfolds. By having a few different outlets for my work, I’m finding more inspiration within each one.”

The latest project for Reznor has been writing the score for the American movie adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. This week the first preview of his work on the film, a cover of Led Zeppelin classic ‘Immigrant Song’ with Yeah Yeah Yeahs front woman Karen O, was released. You can have a listen to the song here.