As they get set to headline the first ‘official’ night of this year’s Glastonbury Festival, it appears that U2 are wracked by infighting over what material to include in their set list. It’s been a VERY long time since U2 played a festival, and it appears that they’ve forgotten how to put a festival set list together. It’s been a long time since U2 weren’t the centre of attention at a gig and after cancelling last year’s appearance at the last minute due to Bono’s back injury, it would seem that they realise they’ve got a lot to prove but don’t quite remember how to do it. Speaking to BBC Radio 1, drummer Larry Mullen said  “[Glastonbury] is about a band being able to get up and play the music and there aren’t bells and whistles, necessarily. That’s a challenge for us and we’ve got something to prove.”

As such the band have been busy putting together set lists, changing them around and then changing them again – suggesting that they make some last minute decisions later tonight “Everybody seems to have a slightly different opinion, which is not good news,”Mullen admits, with band members unable to agree on whether they should open with their anthemic ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ or pull a few rarities off the shelf. “There are an awful lot of opinions,” concedes Mullen. Whatever they decide on, U2 know that they have a lot to prove at this gig and it may well be their most important performance since Live Aid way back in 1985.