We haven’t seen much new music from U2 in recent times, but if some cryptic letters that the band’s fans have received are anything to go by, that might just be about to change.

As Pitchfork reports, a small number of U2 fans have received what appears to be a promotional letter from the band themselves. The letter contains text which relates to William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, which was the inspiration for U2’s most recent record Songs Of Innocence.

Notably though, the vast majority of the text is obscured by the silhouettes of two figures who highlight the words “Blackout. It’s clear who you are. Will appear U2.com.” The note ends with the phrase “U2 will announce … on …”

Whether these letters are referring to a new song, album, or even tour by the name of ‘Blackout’ is unclear, and the band’s obscuring of the upcoming release date is also rather unhelpful. Either way, it looks like we’ll need to keep on checking the official U2 website repeatedly for the next while.

The band are currently on tour in support of the 30th anniversary of their classic record The Joshua Tree. Whether we’ll see an announcement before or after the tour’s conclusion on October 25th remains to be seen, but we’d prefer to see it sooner rather than later.

Since U2 decided to skip Australia for their most recent tour, here’s hoping that the release of ‘Blackout’, whatever it may be, will result in the band finally hitting up Australia again for some long-overdue concerts.

While we wait to find out what ‘Blackout’ is, get in the spirit of things with U2’s classic ‘Mysterious Ways’ below.